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Electric vehicles for dealers only

please exit this page if you are a private individual and not a dealer!

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Benefits of Being Our Dealer


 - No minimum ordering requirement:

You may order only one product at a time if you wish. You can have a store front or an Internet website, or both.


- We can drop ship to your customers directly:

To save time and money, we are glad to ship the items directly to your customers thus cutting costs with no additional drop shipping fees.


- We do not sell in chain stores, such as Walmart etc...:

While others market their products in large retail stores, we care about you enough by not allowing it to happen with our product.


- We store parts:

Unlike some wholesalers, we assemble our products, so we have parts available 24/7.


- We have service:

We are in the process of setting-up a nationwide service centers for our items that we sell. Your customers will not have to send their purchases back to us or you, instead they can visit their local service center.


- We have great shipping charges:

Since we ship thousand of such items, we can provide you with  very low freight charges, thus improving your bottom line again.


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